Do you like art? Do you like extravagence and uniqueness? Do you believe in elegance, simplicity and beauty of natural materials? Would you like to LIVE THE ART not just observe it?
Are you furnishing new home? Are you looking for art pieces to add to your collection? Would you like your furniture to be decoration not only practical object? 
Would you like furniture to be personalized upon your wishes? Practicality will be merged with perfection and art. Just be willing to contact us.
MashaG by METTIS was founded in Slovenia in 2020 with strong will and passion for design, art and unique lifestyle.
The concept behind MashaG by METTIS is to elevate the meaning of furniture from being solely useful, practical object to being art in itself. Creating high-end products which are unique, extravagant and of the highest quality is our basic mission. We don’t just make furniture – we create art.
  • With personal approach we try to adapt to each client, providing good collaboration and satisfactory result.
  • We respect your time and treat your wishes in shortest time possible.
  • Quality is one of our main goals, therefore we guarantee you we will offer you the best from materials and execution.
The company mainly focuses on combining three primary materials: stainless steel, natural stone and wood, in order to create a juxtaposition which is at once striking and harmonious. Each piece is unique for one very simple reason: the use of natural materials that come together to create simplicity and complexity at the same time. 
One of the novelties we have introduced is next-level personalization:as when purchasing a new car, our costumers can select from among a wide range of extras and upgrades tailored to their particular tastes, needs and wishes. 
We aim to serve a sophisticated clientele who are looking for elegance, extravagence, luxuriousness and quality. 

Contact us for any questions or requests.   Live and experience the art.


    In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

    Coco Chanel

    Contact address

    MashaG by METTIS

    2000 Maribor, Slovenia

    +386 (0) 41 589 770